So Much JENergy MERCH!!

These items are a JENergy hug for you!

Laugh NOT included! Please bring your own beautiful chuckle! HA!


**All prices include U.S. shipping

Jenny McKinney

T-Shirt Front


Jenny McKinney

T-Shirt Back

Urine Luck!

T-Shirt Front


Urine Luck!

T-Shirt Back

Buttons, Magnets and Glittered Biscuit Soap......oh my! 

Don't use these to wash out that swear mouth! HA! Leave these in your mamaw's soap dish!

Buttons or Magnets

Jenny McKinney / High Kick

Urine Luck!




Booby Rocks!

A personal rock(s) will be selected, smudged and some JENergy put into it for you! 


.... or let me know what you need the rock for - such as confidence, money, love, negativity repelling, etc. @ checkout


$5: 1 small

$10: 3 small

$20:  4 sm + 1 lg

Glittered Biscuit Soap!

Soap that was made with love - and glitter!


High Kick!


"Whether you Avacadon't or Avocado ...this IS the merch for you!" - Avocado prior to getting full of guacamole!


"This merch will make you silently cool......silent, as a ninja!"  - ninja #4


"We love the shirts, they are flexible and quiet when we are ninja-ing. Jen's laugh ruins our sneak attack." - ninja #7

You Can Overcome Anything - Volume 3

$25 signed and shipped! Click picture to checkout. 

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